Reducing readmission rates utilizing the Project with Transition of care

Review of Literature articles on Reducing readmission rates utilizing the Project with Transition of care
The PICOT question is
The percentage of adult patients 18 and older diagnosed with Heart Failure (HF) discharged from a MedicalSurgical unit and how implementing a post-discharge intervention can impact the readmission rate within 30
days for the HF patient compared to the documented rate before using the current practice of not receiving
follow up interventions can avoid readmissions utilizing an 11-13 week time frame?
Identifies search strategy utilized to identify sources to include appropriate databases such as CINAHL,
Cochrane, and PubMed. Do not use Google Scholar or a general search engine. Discusses keywords utilized
including a combination of keywords, total articles found and inclusion/exclusion criteria to narrow search.
Synthesizes 10-12 research articles that are Evidence Level 1, 2 or 3 (unless faculty-approved) to support
evidence-based intervention. Describe how the intervention has been utilized to solve a similar problem by
defining common themes found in the literature.
References are less than 5 years old (unless seminal) and professional. PermaLink of all articles is attached.
Literature synthesis table: John Hopkins Format
Completed with evidence level and quality (High, Good, Low or major flaws) identified for each article, including
an appropriate appraisal of the level of evidence.
Identifies appropriate study design.
Accurately assesses how the article can inform the project. If the article does not inform the project, then it
should not be used.

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