Recruitment project

Recruitment project

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this is a research project in Recruitment, Selection, Placement course. based on this course choose any topic that is related with recruitment and follow the guideline, i will upload it later but make sure you follow it and understand it very well. if I have a topic i will tell the writer, I will provide you the pages that included from the book. the references must be from books and journal articles.

Group Project Assignment


ensure that you follow the format below.
Assignment must be at least 5 double space pages of 12-point font Times New Roman.
No extra space before or after paragraphs.

•    Organizational background.
•    Structure (hierarchy).
•    SWOT Analysis (includes, political. Structural, HR and other analysis)

I. State problem effectively

II. Analyze the situation and apply Human Resources Strategies

III. Apply ethical and diversity frameworks to issues

IV. Make Recommendations and optimal solutions

VI. Bibliography

Use APA Style effectively. (Cite your sources in the body of the paper)

Sources: The book should be your first source in addition to others that you will be reviewing.

Assignment will be submitted to Safe Assign and a hard copy should be submitted to the professor.

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