Reconstructive Managerial Approach

You are being asked to engage in developing a best practice managerial approach to lead an organization in a
new and challenging direction. Using the readings, course guide, and sources in this module,
Establish the type of health service and location of the service in which the manager(s) will be operating.
Consider the organization selected for the final written assignment.
Relate how the functions addressed in this module influence successful performance and goal/outcome
attainment in health services organizations. Consider how this information can be helpful in your final written
Generate key specific recommendations and the justifications for the approach, supported by the readings for
the selection of recommended criteria. Present logical associations and connections among the theories,
concepts, terms, including but not limited to planning, organizing, staffing, and decision making within the
formal and informational organization.
Support what you write with information from course materials, i.e. cite the information.
In composing this written assignment, include in your written assignment a discussion regarding the theories
and concepts learned in this module.

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