Reasearch on the company “Marks & Spencer”

Conduct research on a number of areas relating to the organisation “Marks & Spencer” (M&S).
There is wealth of information readily available at
From the M&S’s website including its Financial Reports. Their Strategic Report is also a good place to start.
However, the writer is expected to go further than this and to gather broader views, for example from the
business press, and there should be no shortage of sources.
What does M&S do?
What industry/sector is M&S in?
How many employees do M&S possess?
How is M&S run?
Is there anything distinctive about M&S?
Where and how does M&S operate (Where does M&S possess a presence in?) – Follow-up: How successful is
M&S in these areas? What is the current business strategy of M&S?
What is M&S’s current state of finances?
Who are the customers (socio-economic background)?
What is known about M&S’s suppliers?
What have been, and are anticipated to be, the features of the industry/sector that M&S is currently in?
How stable is the industry/sector?
What challenges does the industry/sector face?
What is the nature of the competition in this industry/sector?
Who are the main competitors of M&S within the industry/ sector it is in?
How successful are they?
What can be learned from M&S’s strategies?
What markets are M&S currently competing in?

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