Real Estate Valuation and Appraisal

Real Estate Valuation and Appraisal
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Please see attached document REMF18 CW Brief for the main task. I also will upload some lecture slices and main reading to help to write this paper.

There are some requirement for this work: The framework for this assignment is first, you need to analyse the comparable properties to find the rental value of both retail and office property in the location and also analyse the sale price comparable to find the equivalent yield as per the attached seminar question and answer.

You then need to apply that information tro the subject property leases including the vacant lease using the equivalent yield (under-rented) and core and top slice models (over-rented) for the conventional method and the short cut dcf for the contemporary method.

You then need to discuss these valuations explaining why you chose different yields and target rates, etc so that we know why you did what you did.

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