Reading Journal Assignment

This is reading journal assignment, please read the instruction carefully and do all what the professor need.
Make sure that you read chapter 4 in the same book, i will upload 2 document the first one is the reading journal assignment, instruction ,and the text book link, second document will be the professor note about chapter 4 (this is what he teach us in the class).

Reading Journal Assignment
For the journal, you write reflections on what you think is most interesting in the class readings. Start with the textbook, and then later start using material from the primary documents connected with your textbook and other documents I will be posting.
You can find primary documents related to your textbook at this site:
Usually you will get the best results if you write on one chapter or one document at a time, and give each entry a label so I know what you are writing about. You can make several entries and turn them in together. Please double space your writing and use a font similar in size to this one. (Here I am using Calibri 12. It is similar in size to Arial 11.)

Optional Prompts:
Here are some questions you might want to use to get started on your journal:
1. What did you learn in this chapter (any chapter) that you did not know earlier? Was there anything you found surprising? How does the material in this chapter relate to what you have learned earlier, perhaps in other classes?
2. How does this chapter build on the chapter before it? How does this chapter set us up for what is coming next? What events or trends do you see in the early chapters that have helped shape the world we live in today?
3. If you were doing a movie set in the time period of this chapter, what do you think would be the key elements in your movie? Tell how you imagine some of the characters and what they would have to deal with.
4. Describe the time span covered in this chapter. Do the starting and ending points relate to specific events? Why do you think the authors chose this span of time? Does the time span allow for a clear and interesting story to be told?
5. Why is the chapter hard, or perhaps not so hard, for us to understand today? How could we understand the history differently than someone living in the time period? Do you think some people will react to it differently than others, perhaps because we have different backgrounds?

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