Reading Compliation

Reading Compliation

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Texts and Readings:
Textbook (Required): Ethical Issues in Business, Eighth Edition, 2008 Thomas Donaldson & Patricia H. Werhane, Pearson Prentice Hall

As you complete your reading assignments each session, write a brief summary of each assigned reading and begin compiling these in a single document (Word is preferred) for submission at the end of the semester. Your compilation document is due by the end of Session 15.
These reading summaries should be no more than one paragraph long – two at most. Please do not make this a time-consuming part of your day, and do not try to wait and do this assignment at the end of the semester… it’s just too difficult if you delay it.

You should be prepared to answer the following questions for each assigned reading:
1. What is this writer’s proposition? (i.e. What is he/she trying to sell me?)
2. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
3. Note any presuppositions you observe.
Reading Assignments:
1. Read: Bowie p. 56; Solomon p. 66
2. Read: Gustafson p. 78; McVea p. 89
3. Read: Kant p. 110; Brenkert p. 115
4. Read: Bok p. 128; Carr p. 136
5. Read: Part 2 Intro p. 143; Locke p.158; Smith p. 163; Marx p. 167; Carnegie p. 172
6. Read: Thurow p. 187; Johnson p. 196
7. Read: Rawls p. 223; Nozick p. 232
8. Read: Part 3 Intro p. 239; Frank p. 264
9. Read: Paine p. 274
10. Read: Jackall p. 317; Bird & Waters p. 334
11. Read: Coffee p. 356; Rosener p. 411
12. Read: Radin & Werhane p. 378; Epstein p. 388; Kanter p. 396; Pfeffer p. 398
13. Read: Part 4 Intro p. 429; Rachels p. 438; De George p.463; Donaldson p. 476
14. Read: Part 5 Intro p. 487; Crisp p. 505; Simon p. 532

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