Python assignment

Python assignment

CMT103 Information Processing Using Python

Your Task:
On Day 2, we introduced a simple jumble game, in which a list of words is given, the program random selects one word from the list, jumbles it up, shows it to the player, asks the player’s guess at the original word, and congratulates the player at the end.
In your coursework, you will update this simple game to a more complex one with added functionalities, which are listed below:
• Word Management.
(There should be no pre-defined words coded in your python script.)
o Words are in groups o Each group has a group name. o There are interfaces for users ¦ To input a group of words saved in a txt file (Provided in on Learning Central in four .txt files, amazement_words. txt, hope_words. txt, merry_words. txt, sad words. txt, each of which stores a set of words. Download the files and use them to test your system.) ¦ To browse the words by specifying a group name ¦ To delete a specific group. o Persistent storage for words that users have loaded into the system (using either pickle or shelve).
• The Game. o For each game, the user should be able to select the group, from which words will be chosen. o For each game, the player is given 10 jumbled words. The score is the number of words he (she) gets right. o The score of every game is saved into the system as well as the current time it was taken (you may use time.ctime() to get the current time). It must be saved in a way that the user is able to browse the scores in descending order.

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