Public Transportation and Land Use

Public Transportation and Land Use
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1- whole paper about the topic but focus on Oregon area, especially the neighborhood of ( 1630 SW Clay st. Portland, 97201 OR) and compare with ( 10638 SW Capitol Highway, Portland, OR 97219)( attached 2 files ) from
2-with the research question of :A- What are the catchment areas of various land uses and density variables in Oregon?B- How do the quality of transit services and climate affect quarter mile transit rule in Oregon? C- What are the appropriate methods of measuring land use design and diversity?
3- look at the correlations between walkscore, ridership, and land use type/variables.
4- make modeling with data analyzing, tables, figures, tradoffs please.
5- recommendation and conclusion.
6- well organized paper with all data needed and most important is graphs and figures and tables.

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