Public relations program

Public relations program


applying for my masters of public relations in Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada, Halifax NS. Please read the instructions below and answer the questions in about 800-850 words.

Q1 Why you’re applying to this program: What is it about this program that interests you most? How will it help you to achieve your academic and professional goals? (Hint: Spend some time researching the program. Check out the program website.)

Note for Q1: any common goals are fine.

Q2 Why you’ll be successful in this program: How has your education prepared you for this graduate degree? What relevant work and volunteer experience do you have?

Note for Q2: my education is mostly about culture and history communication and for the relevant work experience I will upload my resume for you to understand my work experience.

Q3 What you’ll do with your degree: What are your professional goals? How will this graduate degree help you to achieve them?

Note for Q3: any common goals are fine.

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