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This essay will help to prepare you for the midterm that is scheduled for next week. The CDC BioSense program is a “biosurveillance program designed to increase the nation’s preparedness through the use of a national network for disease detection and health situational awareness.” On Friday, October 6, 2011, the CDC BioSense reported on a tuberculosis outbreak in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

As the epidemiologist in charge of the investigation, you must prepare a report to present to the stakeholders (i.e., parents, public, authorities, media, etc.). In your report, you must use the words in the table below that are related to chapters 1 through 4 of your textbook. There are 32 words listed. You must use 22 words. Any additional words count as a half of a bonus point for up to five additional points! Information must be relevant and credible. Remember, you are presenting this to the stakeholders. Underline all words you use (just like in 5th grade).

Population Distribution Determinate Outcome Mortality Morbidity
Natural History of Tuberculosis Primary prevention Secondary prevention
Robert Koch Epidemiologic transition Risk factor
Percentage Rate Prevalence Incidence or Incidence rate Population at risk Case fatality rate Availability of data Source of data Registries Reportable disease statistics Life expectancy Cross-sectional study
Hypothesis Age Race Sex International Point epidemic
Secular trends Clustering
Start your investigation by reviewing the article obtained from CDC BioSense: Tuberculosis Concerns
Expand to Denton High School.

Expand your investigation by searching online for information related to the outbreak. You may check the Texas Department of State Health Services to determine if tuberculosis is a reportable disease.

Do a Google search for Tuberculosis Surveillance. What comes up? Look at the information provided by CDC NPIN. . Do you find any relevant information on tuberculosis that you can put in your report? You may present your data in either a histogram or line graph. There are no specific instructions. Use your newly found epidemiologic skills. Be creative, but be factual.


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