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Public Health
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Public Health Issue/ Health Policy Analysis Paper: you will review a current public health issue, providing relevant supporting literature and data/statistics; present an existing health policy (state or federal) related to the issue; state the impact/outcomes of the policy on the issue; and present conclusions and recommendations for improving the desired impact/outcomes.

The rubric for grading the paper is as follows:
The issue I want the writer to use is (raising the legal age to drink to 21)

Overview of the issue—key concepts: 15%
Citation of relevant support literature/data, i.e., a comprehensive review of literature citing a minimum of 10 articles from scholarly journals in addition to any web sources used: 15%
Overview of selected health policy, including specific citation from federal or state law and target populations: 20%
Description of the impact of the policy on the issue, including results/outcomes to date on the target population: 20% (Be sure the policy you select has been in effect long enough for results/outcomes to have been researched).
Conclusions and recommendations for improving the desired impact: 20%
Clarity, conciseness, accuracy, logical organization/flow, creativity, grammar/syntax/spelling: 10%. Formal English must be used. Do your paper in time to have it reviewed by the writing center if needed.
Use the following headings to organize the paper and insure you have included all components:

Overview of the Issue
Supporting Literature/Data
Overview of the health policy
Impact of the policy
Please note that this is to be a comprehensive, scholarly, paper 12-20 pages in length drawn from scholarly journals with minimal citation from net-based articles. the preference STAYLE is APA.

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