Interview questions: 1.Would you likely prefer to choose a nursing house or hiring a nursing assistant at home? Which one do you think can keep or improve your life qualities better in your old life? Do you have some impressive experiences between these two lifestyles?

2.Do you have some experiences that have been treated in special ways? Positively or Negatively? What kinds of emotions and thoughts when you experienced these?

3.How much have you changed since your 20s, 30s, or 40s (cognitively, physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, etc.)? Was there any specific event or series of events that brought about these changes? In which situations are these changes most evident?

4.How has your attention, hearing, speaking changed over the years? Do you find it harder to see or hear something? Compared with younger times, do you feel difficult when someone is speaking to you?

5.Do you have some diseases when you are getting older? How is your emotion when you are frustrated with some diseases? Do these diseases seriously affect your normal lives?

Purpose: to investigate how personal history, experiences, lifestyle, and beliefs interact with and influence an individual’s aging experience. According to the interview questions to write your paper!!!

APA style title page, citations, & reference page • 1-page introduction of your interviewee

– Demographics (age, gender, culture), family & personal history, medical, personality

– Identity must remain CONFIDENTIAL • 0.5-1 page per question

– Italicize the question itself – Summary of their response, interspersed with your interpretation and relation to

literature – Relate responses from two questions to at least one recent journal article

(2000s) • 1-2 page conclusion • In what ways does the experience of your interviewee exemplify typical and atypical aging? • Speculate why your interviewee’s responses differ from what is discussed in the textbook/articles/class. • Other potential points:

– How did their choices aid or hinder the optimal aging process? – How did your interviewee’s culture affect their experience of aging? – Any relevant cohort effects?

2-point Times New Roman font Standard 1-inch margins Pages must be numbered In-text citations and references must be done in APA format

Finding articles and citing: -Google scholar

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