Write 5-6 page library research paper, you are going to write your paper on the effect of cognitive delays on language development? The instructions from the paper give you pretty specific things to use in your outline:
1. Define and describe the issue and how it is diagnosed birth to age 5.
2. Identify research that has helped us understand the issue and how it affects development. 1. Assessment of the communication skills. (How does a teacher or language professional assess skills? What tools are used? What do they look for?)

3. What are curriculum implications (what do teachers do to support children in this situation?) Curriculum plans or activities for enhancing the communication development in an early childhood classroom. (What are specific classroom interventions or activities that would support children?)

4. How is the disability assessed?
Suggestions for future research that would identify needed information community or programs needed to support families or children.
I can tell that some of your references do not exactly fit your choice of cognitive delays and its effects on speech/language. (For instance, children on the autism spectrum may or may not have cognitive delays.) You could choose something specific like language development in children with Downs Syndrome for example.

Here is one article that describes the differences and combined effects of cognitive and language delays:
The paper must include a minimum of 5 professional references (not including the course texts). These may be professional journals and books. These may not include articles from popular magazines (such as Psychology Today, Parents, Time, Newsweek). At least three of the references must have been published during the past five years (2009-2011). Use the metropolitan state university A-Z Databases, journals, etc

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