Proper nutrition education and weight management

In this assignment, create a needs assessment outline that describes and documents the health status issue that your project will address and the target population it will serve. The purpose of the needs assessment is to help reviewers understand the community and/or organization (i.e., the population) that will be served by your proposed project.
Here is a suggested structure for your needs assessment outline. It should be between 3 and 5 pages in length.

I. Health Status

a. Introduce the health issue

b. How does the health issue affect the target population?

II. Community Description

a. Describe the setting, which might include national, state, local, or campus
information depending on the program scope

III. Needs Assessment

a. Qualitative assessment

b. Quantitative assessment

IV. Community Link

a. What is currently being offered to the specific population?

b. Will the proposed program be complementary, competing, or new to the area?

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