Pronunciation Practice

If you work in the health professions field, you will likely have plenty of opportunities to hear and speak unfamiliar terms during work. If you do not, it is important to practice and learn in other ways. Lecture I demonstrated a simple google dictionary tool that speaks terms allowing you to listen, learn, and practice them.Use the tools available to share proper pronunciation of medical terms with peers.Include the following aspects in the discussion:

Choose ten challenging words from the body systems this week (the terms should be long, complex, and contain a prefix, suffix, or both)
Access the google speaking dictionary
Practice as often as is necessary for you to become fluent in speaking the terms with correct pronunciation
Record the terms using a voice recording tool of your choice (must be able to submit a link to your recording)
Submit the terms written out and your recording link to the discussion board.
Critique peer’s pronunciation. Would it provide safe communication?

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