Project Research

In making your pivot to a full-time job search in CAR 490, you will move from more general research to identifying actual job posts that would be attractive to you. Through this process, you will identify five postings that you intend to pursue; these could be full-time employment positions or internships.

Your immediate goal is to research 5 opportunities that you can apply to by the end of the term; these applications will be the focus of your final project. Therefore, the research you do for Presentation #3 will be directly applied to your final project.

In a more general sense, your goal in this presentation is to more fully understand the employment landscape in your field and the positions that appeal to you.

You will submit a recorded presentation in Module 8 that will identify five actual job postings of realistic, post-graduation jobs for you. (You might also choose second internships, depending on where you are in your academic and career journey). You should plan on creating one or two slides for each position that you find. For each position, you will discuss:
A detailed description of the position, including: job title, organization title and brief summary of the organization’s focus, mission, or objective, qualifications for the job, general duties to be performed, skills, and specific knowledge required.
A brief discussion of how your strengths, skills, and preferences intersect with these jobs. As well as a discussion about how this job (and organization) fits into your larger career vision, connects to your major, or reflects your values and interests.
A brief discussion of how these positions meet NLU’s definition of a strong post-grad job (or how they will prepare you for a strong post-grad job).
An analysis of the skills or experiences you might need to develop further to be a candidate for this position.
Next steps with respect to these positions. What would you need to do next to pursue these positions?
When conducting your organization research you should consider using the following sources:
Professors, department chair, or career advisor
Internship site supervisor or colleagues
Focus2Career,,, or another job search tool particular to your chosen profession
Record your completed presentation and upload it into the dropbox for Presentation #3 in D2L. Your recording options are:
Panopto: This option is housed in your D2L course shell and is a video-sharing platform supported by NLU. Detailed directions for recording and sharing with Panopto can be found HERE.
PowerPoint dictation: Using this option, you would record a voice-over of your PowerPoint slides and share them with your instructor. Directions for this option can be found HERE
Zoom: you may use zoom to record your presentation, walking your audience through shared slides. You would use the record function in zoom and then save your completed recording and share it with your instructor in D2L. Directions for using zoom to record a presentation can be found HERE. This option does require that you sign up for a temporary free zoom account or that you have your own account.
REMEMBER: The context of this research project is the basis for a grade in this course AND for your job search. If done with the right mix of passion and integrity, it should help land you a full-time job.

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