Project Planning Coursework

Project Planning Coursework
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Project Planning Coursework

The project which this coursework is based on is an actual school situated in central Scotland. The project has a contract period of 57 weeks (285 days).
Starting date: 29 June 2015 / Completion date: 01 Augest
The project has commenced and you, as the project manager, have discovered that several of your target critical path activities will be delayed.

Commence Steelwork 0d
Concrete Infill Suspended Slab 5d
Erect Structural Steelwork Inc Stairs & Handrails 15d
Fire Protection to Steelwork 10d
Gym Blockwork 11d
Kitchen Blockwork 4d
Lift Shaft Blockwork 9d
Metal Decking 5d
Phase 2 Handover for Roof Netting 0d
Plantroom Blockwork 8d
Switchroom Blockwork 5d

The Coursework
1.Built a scenario assuming that all the blockwork (Gym Blockwork , Kitchen Blockwork, Lift Shaft Blockwork,Plantroom Blockwork, Switchroom Blockwork ) in superstructure are in delay and how this will impact the whole project (100 words)

2.Explain in general the techniques used to compression the project schedule ( Fast-Tracking & Crashing techniques) ( 100 words)
3.Apply Crashing techniques in to the delayed activities ( Blockwork activities : Gym Blockwork , Kitchen Blockwork, Lift Shaft Blockwork, Plantroom Blockwork, Switchroom Blockwork ) and make sure to explain how can Crashing techniques be used to resolve delayed critical path activities without affecting your target project completion date. .(400 Words)

4.You should focus on the use of effective monitoring and control techniques. (Earned Value Analysis) and link this project (800 Words)
5.This school forms the initial part of a programme of 20 similar schools and you required to provide recommendations as to how you could maximize learning within and between projects. (800 words)

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