Project Planning Coursework

Project Planning Coursework
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The Coursework
The project has commenced and you, as the project manager, have discovered that several of your target critical path activities will be delayed.

1. Indicate which activities are involved based on your critical path ( see the attachement to help you to idtify the critical activities )

2.Discuss how you will resolve these without affecting your target project completion date. ( this sould be related to the above critical activities)- 400

3. You should focus on the use of effective monitoring and control techniques such as
a.Working Overtime
b.Reallocation of resources
c.Double-check all dependencies
d.Swapping the resources
e.Crashing the schedule.
f.Fast tracking the project.
g.Preventing of all scope changes
h.Improving processes.
i.Scaling back the scope of work.
j.Checking of time constrained activities

All the above shoud be linked with the coursework project (800 words)

4.Furthermore, this school forms the initial part of a programme of 20 similar schools and you required to provide recommendations as to how you could maximise learning within and between projects. ( suach as Earned value Analysis) – 800 words

5.Table of contact should be included

6.12 references

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