project planning

project planning
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In the first paper you discussed your general interest area, the specific project you would like to launch, how you would form a team to work with you, how you would assess the area you want to work in, and the approach you would take to plan your next steps. In this second paper you will create your plan (you obviously won’t have a team to work with in this case). Drawing on the readings and on-line discussions from Unit 4, write an 8-10 page plan for your social change project or initiative. Again, follow APA style and address these 5 questions:

1. Reintroduce your project (1-2 pages maximum).

2. Provide vision & mission statements (create 2 separate statements on 1 page).

3. What is the difference between goals, strategy, and tactics? (2 pages maximum).

4. Use your project to complete the chart on page 44 of Bobo, Kendall & Max (2010) (either re-create the chart in this document or scan it in).

5. In narrative form, describe what you have summarized in the chart. What goals, organizational considerations, constituents, targets, & tactics do you propose for your project and why? What do you see as the strengths and possible pitfalls of your tactics? Refer to the Checklist for Tactics on page 58 of Bobo, Kendall, & Max (2010).

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