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1. Introduction to the Coursework
This coursework is worth 25% of the total mark for the module and should be done individually. The coursework intends to assess the depth and breadth of your critical analysis on the team arrangements and team dynamics based on you experiences of carrying out your Group Coursework in the first assignment of MANG6293.
You are expected to provide a deep reflective and critical analysis of your teamwork’s organizational aspects and your personal experience of working within your team in the form of an essay of 1000 words.
The essay is an academic piece of work and is evaluated as such. Hence, your descriptions should not be presented as a diary of events. Your analysis should draw upon the lecture contents, discussions on case studies and your background studies (textbooks and journal papers).
Avoid referring to team members by names. Keep them anonymous and refer to them, for example, by their roles and responsibilities or codes and so on.
2. Essay Content
Here are the main topics to be discussed and to be included in your essay:
a. Introduction to the essay. (10%)
b. Discussion and analysis. (60%)
c. Conclusion. (30%)
d. Essay Appendix*.
*You need to add the exact appendix of your submitted group coursework to your individual coursework. Providing this appendix will make it easier for you to refer to your teamwork arrangements (e.g., your WBS or Responsibility Chart) if needed. This will also facilitate marking your individual coursework. This will not be counted toward your word limit.
* For criteria of the ‘Overall Quality of the Essay’ please refer to the last item on the marking criteria table.
3. Instructions
3.1 Format to be used in the Essay
Margin: Normal
Structure: Make sure you structure your essay with sections separated with appropriate and relevant titles. Use subtitles as required.
Paragraph: Should be justified. Avoid using very long paragraphs. Break the long ones into manageable small paragraphs with a clear central idea/sentence.
Line Space: 1.5
Titles Font: Larger than 12, bold, and should be easily distinguishable from the body text Font: 12, Times New Roman or Arial.
Cover page: Should include module code and name, your student ID, title of the assignment, group number, the student ID of the group members, and word count at the bottom of the page.
3.2 Further Notes on References
– Should follow the Harvard referencing system as suggested by the University/School.
– Lecture slides cannot be referenced unless absolutely necessary.
– All the slides which you might need to refer to have citation(s) and you need to study and refer to the original references as appropriate.
– You are strongly advised to use a good range of relevant textbooks and papers from academic journals.
– The essay will be thoroughly checked against the TurnitIn report, so please carefully and responsibly avoid any potential Academic Integrity (plagiarism) issue to avoid the consequences.
3.3. Word Count
– Word count for the report is 1000.
– For the details on what is included in the word count and what is not, please refer to the Business School’s word count (limit) policy.

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