Go to this cost of living calculator opens in new window. Put in your current home city and a salary of $50,000.
If you are currently not living in the US, you can choose a home city to work with. Explore the website and
come up with at least two possible US cities you’d want to live in. Make sure you can enter these cities in the
cost of living calculator.
Download ECoL Part 1. Name this document “LastName_FirstName_Sec#_ECOL1”.
Use your cities from Part 1 to fill out the Cost of Living Calculation Sheet (ECoL Part 2) downloaded in Step 1.
You should revisit the Cost of Living Calculator. Fill out the calculation sheet with the information you got from
the cost of living calculator. Use the percent change formula to calculate the percent change in your salary
needed to maintain your current standard of living.

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