Progress Report

The first of these, of course, was the Proposal, which was addressed to me. This one is the Progress Report
(also addressed to me). The final stage is a researched report (Short Report) in the form of a letter or memo to
your intended recipient (not me – but the person to whom you propose a solution). It will be accompanied by a
Transmittal Message (email, memo, or letter) that introduces and summarizes the Short Report to your
intended recipient.. In the proposal, you will recommend a Short Report
Assignment Purpose/Course Objectives
This assignment will allow students to practice the skill of updating others on the status of an ongoing project.
It will also help students meet the following course objectives:
• Construct appropriate business writing in a variety of situations
• Model professional business behaviors
• Apply business techniques in written and electronic presentations
• Communicate with ethical professionalism in various kinds of business settings
• Employ appropriate electronic elements in written communications
Here are some things you need to do to prepare:
Remember you are addressing this message to me.
Therefore, your message should be in appropriate memo report format.
Develop a list of research methods and findings. It might be short given the amount of time you’ve had since
you completed the proposal but you need to show that you’ve researched some essential elements of the
Create a list of next steps you know you need to do to complete the project. Show that you are aware of the
upcoming deadlines for your project (which is the transmission message and short report).
Keep your audience, medium, and purpose in mind as you write. Use clear language that helps me understand
where you are in the process of your research.
Your progress report will need to do the following:
Inform me of what you have researched, how you have researched it, and what you need to do to finish the
Be updated in the final-draft week with additional research you have conducted since you submitted your

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