Program Proposal or Evaluation in gifted education

Program Proposal or Evaluation in gifted education

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Assignment 3: Program Proposal or Evaluation

Use the provided case study (below) as the focus of the assignment and complete as follows:

1. Develop a paper which analyses and evaluates the level to which the program described in the case study meets the needs of the students it serves in light of the literature in the field. Your analysis and evaluation should follow a literature review on the key programming strategies of ability / achievement grouping, acceleration and mentoring.

• you will need to review the literature on all of the options because this is needed to fill in your table and fill out your discussion

2. Using the given table, make suggestions for best practice modifications to the current program, moving forward.

Strategy Current Situation Suggested Modification Supporting research evidence
Ability grouping
Achievement grouping
Online Learning

• Your assignment should include the following subheadings:
1- Introduction
2- Literature Review
3- Discussion (further subheadings should be used in this section)
4- Table
5- Conclusion
6- References

Case Study

Small primary school located in a coastal small town (student population of 352). Twenty per cent of the students come from farming families and the ten students with special needs are integrated into mainstream classrooms. Staff are experienced, many with over fifteen years teaching, and most have been at the school for five or more years. Some staff training in the characteristics of gifted students was conducted three years prior to the current situation and four staff PL sessions on differentiation were held last year. NAPLAN scores average in the middle to lower ranges. Those students identified by staff as working with high-level achievement are catered for by a once a week withdrawal program for an hour and the provision of extra-curricular opportunities in the sporting and cultural fields. Ongoing behaviour problems and underachievement of students are primary concerns of the staff and community. There is no current gifted policy at the school and the school counsellor is present at the school only two days a fortnight..

Understanding of the question or issue and the key concepts involved
Exhibits accurate and elaborated breadth and depth of understanding of the key concepts in the knowledge domain.
Demonstrates an appreciation of the limitations and temporary nature of conceptual knowledge in the field.
Relates understandings of theory to practice.

Depth of analysis and/or critique in response to the task
Presents insightful and accurate interpretation of the research evidence; establishes strengths and weaknesses of research; and presents an in-depth analysis and evaluation of major points of view.
Effectively evaluates programming practices.

Familiarity with and relevance of professional and/or research literature used to support response
Strong evidence of independent reading beyond the provided materials. Uses sources which are valid, reliable and relevant to the topic, and appropriate to the purpose of the review.

Structure and organisation of response
All expectations and conventions followed for an academic paper, with all expected attributes present and creatively interpreted to suit personal style and the specific execution of the task. A unique but appropriate presentation of work.
Highly organised and easy to follow. All information is clear, highly appropriate, and consistently correct.

Presentation of response according to appropriate academic and linguistic conventions
Clear, consistent and appropriate use of conventions for quoting, paraphrasing, attributing sources, and listing references.
Clear and appropriate use of sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and word length.

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