Program Budget

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CHE 2017-2018 Applicant Information
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Excel Budget Template
• Week 4 – Assignment 1: Determine a Program Budget

Due December 6 at 11:59 PM
For this assignment, use Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program to create a budget that covers the following general budget categories:
• Salaries and Wages (Personnel)
• Fringe Benefits (Personnel)
• Equipment
• Travel
• Participant/Trainee Support
• Program Materials (if needed)
• Other Direct Costs
• Indirect Costs
• Startup Costs (first year only)
Remember, your budget must reflect the amount and time frame you are requesting for funding. For instance, if you are planning a three-year project, you must include a three-year budget. For an idea of what your budget could look like, review the sample multiyear grant budget available in this week’s books and resources module.
In addition to your budget spreadsheet, prepare a written justification of your budget where you explain the inclusion of each budget line item. Basically, if your budget lists $45,000 for salaries and wages, then your justification should explain and identify the individual covered salaries and wages, their roles in the funded program, and the amount of time employees will devote to the program.

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