Professional Article Review

Professional Article Review

Professional Article Review (10 points) Post to Discussion Board
As a professional in your field or career it is important that you remain abreast of your field. Not only is it important to be technically proficient, but also knowledgeable of trends, current issues, outlook, and best practices. Attending conferences, workshops, in-service training, special courses and conferences will help to round you as a seasoned professional in your field.

You will post to D2L your review of two articles (that are current within the last 10 years) related to your present or intended career field or profession which discusses trends, changes, challenges, or current issues. These articles must be peer-reviewed articles or research studies from a refereed journal of your profession or career interest; or from scholarly reviewed publications or such related to your professional field or career aspiration.
This site will refresh you on peer reviewed journals and articles. Please review! How to Recognize Peer Reviewed Articles will help PAS5N6&index=9
Cite the articles in APA format so that I am able to locate the articles. If you have questions regarding the source or whether the article is appropriate let me know. If peer-reviewed these articles may also be used for the research paper due later in this class. Each article should be a 300-word posting and include the following:
What are the key points and findings?
What are your thoughts and opinions regarding what the author is presenting (you must support opinions with credible information)?
Is the information presented by the author balanced with the pros and cons?
How does this impact you or others in the field?
What are the implications and career outlook?
How will you prepare or present yourself for this challenge?
What have been your personal experiences or observations in this area?
These are only suggestions for reviewing your article. Please be organized with your thoughts and presentations. Please note that,, etc., and professional sites used in your field or profession are not peer-reviewed. For academic purposes we are reviewing only peer-reviewed articles.

Begin your own thread with your main post and DO NOT POST as an attachment. Post both articles in one main post. Example: Your main post will include the two separate articles which are 300-words for each article. Be sure to provide your references in appropriate APA format. View APA resources in Resources area

Read your classmates’ posts. You will respond to at least one of your classmates’ professional article review with at least a 150-word response post. This should be a post of meaningful substance, which reflects contemplation of the material in a mature, collegiate, and insightful response. If there is supportive information to your post you may provide us an attachment for review, but do not post your original post or response as an attachment.

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