Production system and brand within a specific industry.

Choose a specific production system and brand within a specific industry. Describe all the main processes and activities of this system, identify the
nature of these processes, and draw a flowchart indicating all the main activities and resources involved (25 points)
2) Describe the lay-out or the physical space distribution of all these processes, tasks and inputs within the operations system and identify which typology
of lay-out it is as well as its weaknesses (25 points)
3) Calculate different ratios of productivity of this operations system that measure the efficiency of this system and identify the main drivers or factors that
determine the performance of this system (25 points)
4) For the supply and storage of components in companies, Production Managers have to implement the most efficient strategies to minimize wastes.
a. Why storage is a waste in Production Management?
b. Explain some Inventory Control systems implemented by companies.
c. Say examples of some companies where these systems are implemented and the benefits that they have reached. (25 points)

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