Production of Hydrogen Vehicles By Toyota

Topic: Production of Hydrogen Vehicles By Toyota

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The is part of a marketing plan project for my 3rd year as an undergraduate, however, I need a first draft submitted on 7th March which is very bad timing for me and I want to submit the best of impression first time round before the real big thing. I ask that you help me configure the situational analysis and the objectives (with bullet points if must).

For further support on the topic, below is some work from previous submission:

Toyota has continued to have a winning streak in leading other carmakers in the manufacture of alternative energy vehicle market. Vehicles such as the Prius from Toyota have dominated the hybrid. Most competitors, however, have come up with other hybrid vehicles that are appealing to the market. The marketing proposal for a Hydrogen marketing plan for Toyota is, therefore, necessary since Toyota’s current and future offerings in the lucrative are challenging. The competition in the market is true leading to the cropping up of new competitors that aim at making their presence felt in the car making business. Toyota has a vision of a world in which we as individuals can increase our human potential by limiting deleterious health impacts, global ecological threats, and dangerous and atrocious political and economic pacts.

The objective is to make a determination on whether Toyota needs to introduce a Hydrogen vehicle or not. The Hydrogen vehicle would act as an addition to the leading alternative energy portfolio of Toyota. The study also has the objective of determining whether young people would be receptive to such an offering. The target market for a Hydrogen vehicle would be young people because they are knowledgeable about the green technology. The education would enable them to see the environmental benefits that the Hydrogen vehicle from Toyota would bring to them. The study also determines the prospective buyers of the Hydrogen vehicles from Toyota Company’

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