Procedural Due Process First Amendment

  1. Casey is on trial under criminal allegations that she engaged in fraudulent behavior at the company she manages. She is worried when the plaintiff alleges that it has “”unambiguous proof”” that Casey is guilty. Which of the following is most likely true?
    If the plaintiff meets a “”clear and convincing”” burden of proof, Casey will be found guilty.
    Casey need not worry about the plaintiff’s evidence, since parties tend to boast about the level of proof they can establish anyway.
    If the plaintiff provides proof only up to the level of “”clear and convincing,”” Casey can still be acquitted.
    The plaintiff will most likely prove Casey is guilty, since criminal charges only need to meet a prima facie burden of proof. Bookmark question for laterDevon is accused of robbing a jewelry store and is summarily thrown in jail. Which law or principle of law will help Devon in this situation? First Amendment
    Procedural Due Process
    Equal Protection Laws
    Substantive Due Process Bookmark question for laterA new law is established in the town of Avery that promotes affirmative action employment for transgender and homosexual individuals. This law would be in pursuance of the tenets of the __ school of jurisprudential thought. Command
    Law and Economics
    Legal Realism
    Irrational Forces
    Sociological Bookmark question for laterAdelyn is in a financial dispute with her creditor. She wants to declare bankruptcy because she is finding herself unable to meet the requirements of paying off her debt. Which court that would most likely address this situation? U.S. Bankruptcy Court
    State Small Claims Court
    U.S. Tax Court Bookmark question for laterThe government of Sharonville is deep in debt, and consequently enacts a city ordinance that requires citizens to do volunteer work for the city once per week. Such and act would be in accordance with the __ school of jurisprudential thought. Sociological
    Law and Economics
    Irrational Forces
    Legal Realism

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