Principles of Management Decision Making

Part 1
1.Describe sources of information and knowledge that can support management decision making ( 50 words )
2.Evaluate the importance of information and knowledge in the management decision-making process ( 100 Words )

Part 2
For this assessment, we would like you to produce a mini-essay which will contain the answers for the three criteria listed below. We would expect you to also add in your own views and opinions while making use of the reading material and your own research online to support your answer.

1.Identify the ICT systems that can provide information to support management decision making
2.Assess the benefits of using information from ICT systems when making management decisions
3.Explain how data protection legislation affects the use of information from ICT systems in the management decision process
( write in 200 words for 1, 2, 3 )

Part 3
Based on the information you have gathered in this unit and other units which are relating to the process of decision making, we would like you to upload how you would develop an information and decision-making process if you were a manager in an organisation.
Firstly, pick an organisation. This should be your current place of employment, a private sector business like a bank or a public sector organisation like the NHS.
Then, imagine you are the manager and you have been given 2 sets of information. One is customer service performance and future targets for the manager and the other is the quality results which need to go on display for the customers to see.
You need to now tell us in this imaginary role, how you would meet the 5 criteria listed below.
Criteria to cover:

  1. Evaluate stakeholders needs and expectations (manager and customer)
    (150 Words )
  2. Explain what current information and knowledge is needed to identify any issues that might occur, where a decision is required (for the targets for future customer service, think about things which could hold you back in getting those results)
    ( 150 Words )
  3. Establish the outcomes that need to be achieved when making a management decision (mainly on the management information)
    (150 Words )
  4. Justify the basis for making a management decision (in other words, pretend you are the manager now making the decision, tell us your justification on making the decision)
    ( 150 Words )
  5. Describe the process when recommending the management decision to be made (tell us how you would go about making the decision… looking at the data, analyzing it, speaking to others…)
    (150 Words )

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