Principles and Ideas of Stakeholder Identification.

Topic: Principles and Ideas of Stakeholder Identification.

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The following topics need to be addressed in the paper.
Considerations needed to identify correctly representative groups. How do we get the right people to the table?
Decision-making activity such as inclusionary used to identify stakeholders.
Nature of the selection process.
Are pro and agonistic leaders critical to identifying stakeholders?
What are the key concepts integrated by approach and attitude towards collaborative leadership as identified by stakeholders?
How does shared decision making impact inclusion, identifying the principles?
Describe Inclusive decision making process, naming and framing.
Identify some of the key concepts that can lead to effective dialogue, deliberation and decision making regarding complex problems.

These two books must be used as part of the references

Adner, R. (2012). The wide lens: What successful innovators see that others miss.New York, NY: Penguin Group (USA), Inc.
Archer, D. & Cameron, A. (2013). Collaborative leadership: Building Relationships, Handling Conflict and Sharing Control, 2nd Edition New York, NY: Routledge

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