Principal of Sports Medicine

Injury Special Test or MMT Assignment – 15 pts
1 pt – Select a specific injury diagnosis (your choice- pick something of interest to you):
2 pt- Provide a definition/ short description of the injury selected:
1 pt- Name a special test that is used to diagnosis the injury selected:
4 pt- Describe how to properly perform the special test (suggest you search for video resources so you can truly understand how to perform the test):
Be sure to include the following items:
• Position of the patient • Position of the clinician
• What force needs to be applied (list direction of force (if appropriate) using medical terms) or what stabilization is needed
2 pt- Describe what is considered to be a positive test or for a MMT give sample score and describe what it would mean:
2 pt- List what a positive test indicates or if MMT list exercise to work on the strength deficit: 2 pt -List two items of interesting information or statistics found related to your selected test:

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