Preparing a job descriptions

Assume that you are the job analyst at a bicycle manufacturing company in British Columbia and have been assigned responsibility for preparing job descriptions(including specifications) for all of the supervisory and managerial positions. One of the production managers has just indicated that he will not complete the job analysis questionnaire you have developed. A. How would you handle this situation? b. What arguments would you use to attempt to persuade him to change his mind? c. If your persuasion efforts failed, how would you go about obtaining the job analysis information you require to develop the job description for his position?

prepare a job description (including job specifications) for aposition that you know well, using the a job analysis questionnaireCritique your colleagues’ job descriptions and provide specific suggestions regarding anyadditions/deletions/revisions that you would recommend to ensure that the jobdescription accurately reflects the jobs as and is legally defensible.

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