Prepare a certification plan and develop a QMS Documents

Prepare a certification plan and develop a QMS Documents
Order Description
• Create an Educational Institution of your choice.
• Audit a given QMS document (from Page Number 36 to 60) and on the basis of that prepare a certification plan and develop a Quality Management System Documents for educational institution created by you.

2. Basics of the Plan (Project output):

A. Title page
-The Title can be something like: “Quality Management System at _______ .”
This should be a separate page. You can include a photograph or logo or something here.
In the beginning of the project you should detail each team member’s contribution to the project (Group of 4 individuals).

B. Table of contents
The Table of Contents must indicate the headings in the project as well as the page numbers. The Table of Contents must also be on a separate page.

C. Basic guidelines for the project:
– Use numbered headings and paragraphs. This will make referrals easier and will make references to the Table of Contents easier.
– The project should be typed at 1½ spacing. The Font size should be 12. You can use any Font as long as it is easily to read and not too big. Margins must be 1” all around the page.
– Page layout should be portrait.
– The number of pages guideline for the project is approximately 15-20 pages.
– You must quote and include your references. Also include a list of references at the back of your project. (This is very important.)

3. Topics for the Plan (Project output)

1. Certification Plan
– Prepare a certification plan

2. Management Responsibility
– Create Vision of the Institution
– Create Mission of the Institution
– Core Values of the Institution

3. College Strategy, Quality Policy and Quality Objectives
– Develop main strategies of the institution and define each one with various sub points.
– Develop and define Quality policy of the Institution
– Develop and explain Quality Objectives of the Institution

4. Feedback
– Develop a students’ feedback system measuring students’ satisfaction with regard to Teaching Standards, and college facilities.
5. Responsibility and Authority
– Identify explain various responsibilities of the Department’s Chair
– Identify and explain various responsibilities of the Faculty
– Identify and explain various responsibilities of Students

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