POWER in artworks in the 21st century

POWER in artworks in the 21st century
Paper instructions:
Brief intro on Biennale exhibition/
power in artworks/ CONTEMPORARY- Focusing on
Biennale of Sydney Cockatoo island
Philip Beesley’s installation

about the artwork/ What type of power does this work hold?
ACCES THIS SITE: http://bos18.com/artist?id=22

Past examples of how POWER is represented in ART:
KKK? – The political Power in art
Analyse the power they had/ how its represented/ the power you feel when you look at those artworks

BARBRA KRUGER- Your gaze hits the side of my face / ARTWORK
Classical Female statue
– Claiming power over what’s hers
-Feminist approach
– being in control
– Her indirect gaze indicates to the audience whose in control
– by taking the POWER of the males gaze, as well as hers
– The Object –> Subject

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