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Assessment Details and Criteria for Introduction to The Developing World.

Assessment Details and Criteria for Introduction to The Developing World.

A portfolio consisting of a number of artifacts (3000 words in total) that assess all Los to be submitted by week 3 of CAP. (learning outcomes 1-4). The artifacts will include a review of one disciplinary approach to studying development combining case studies and key thematic issues covered in the unit.

Students will be supported through their portfolio at key points during the unit this will include presentations of aspects of the portfolio (weeks 8-12) and submission of drafts for feedback (weeks 15 and 22).

It must be submitted by WEDNESDAY 7TH May (during the CAP week 3)

Students should attempt and submit all unit assessments. It is especially important that the final assessment is attempted. Students should note that the final assessment may not always be the last assessment. On this unit the portfolio is the final assessment. Failure to attempt/submit the final assessment without valid extenuating circumstances has serious consequences : if a student fails the unit and has not attempted the final assessment, (s)he will not be eligible for second attempt assessment (a summer resit) in the unit. The fail will not be compensated at the Progression and Award Boards. This means that a student will not be able to progress to the next level of their programme and will instead be required to repeat the unit again during the following academic year.

The Portfolio should be divided as follows:

Part 1: Overview of your chosen Discipline.
a.    What is this discipline? What is distinct about it?
b.    How does this discipline relate to development?
c.    What are the key themes/issues relevant to development explored by researchers in this discipline?
d.    What research techniques are used by scholars in this discipline?
e.    Give one example of a published piece of work stating how it is relevant to our understanding of contemporary development.

Word Count 2000. Mark Weighting 70%

Part 2: Exploring of one key theme or region studied by scholars in your chosen discipline.

•    Review research conducted by scholars from your chosen discipline in relation to either one key development theme or issue or a region in the developing world.
•    You must review at least 3 pieces of published research and detail how that work helps us understand an area of development better.

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