Population Health and Epidemiology

• CO1-Analyze and use epidemiological data in the design, implementation, and evaluation of population health strategies
• CO2-Integrate psychosocial and cultural dimensions (SDH) in improving the health of populations.
• CO3-Synthesize evidence-based and evidence-informed data to guide population health interventions and programs.
Module Objectives: The student will be able to:

  1. MO8- identify a population and prioritize current issues relating to evidence-based and outcome driven aspects of population-focused healthcare needs..
  2. MO8-2-discuss and review the beginning analysis of multiple factors that impact the population.
  3. MO8-1-summarize epidemiology concepts applicable to the evaluations of health of populations.
  4. MO8-3-synthesize and apply concepts of population health and epidemiology in the development of a focused, evidence-based, outcomes-focused scholarly paper.
    • All course materials to date
    • Related Population Health subject matter related to population of interest and proposed intervention(s)
    • PPTS with voice over
    • Turnitin Instructions
    • Instructions to see up margins, paragraphs, double-spacing:
    • All course materials and resources to date
    • Rubric for final paper
    • Turnitin instructions for paper
    Module Evaluation Methods
    See posted Rubric for this final paper assignment.
    See Turnitin instructions in Canvas.
    Submit to Turnitin for evaluation prior to your final submission. You may submit to Turnitin up to 3 times before your final submission. Click the bar in the instructions for Turnitin and final submission. See PPTS slides with Instructions.
    See Online Assignment for Final Paper – 12 points (Paper)-See instructions in this assignment folder

Due Saturday, April 10 11:30 pm
 Develop and submit population-focused, EBP formal paper with factors and interventions impacting the population.
To Assignment on Canvas. Early Submissions Welcome!
Submission: Develop and submit population-focused, EBP formal paper with factors and interventions impacting the population. (No online Discussions connected with this paper.)
 Final Paper to Turnitin for evaluation prior to submission in Assignments on Canvas
Due Date-Saturday, April 10 11:30 pm Acceptable Score for Turnitin is 25 or less.
Final Paper-Refining your Direction in Population Health
• Introduction
• Describe the Background of the health issues of the population (Reflection on what made you ask the question) Improving Prediabetes In African American Females by increasing prediabetes educations and awareness among Health care providers in primary care.
• Describe the Significance of the problem of the population (Reflection on the “why” this matters)What is prediabetes and how to manage it.
• Population-identify your Population of Interest. Be specific with inclusion criteria. African American Females 21-65 years of age.
• Note-do not include potentially vulnerable populations: person under 18, incarcerated persons, nursing home patients, pregnant females, HIV positive individuals. You may include parents or caregivers of the population or the Nurses, NP, HCP for the population. If your population is persons experiencing mental health issue, detail the methods that will be used to protect vulnerable participants.
• Population Risk factors-from the literature, note known risk factors for this population
• Social Determinants of Health (SDH)-Discuss SDH influence including culture and access to care
• Priority Population Health Needs and Factors-Reflect on your focus.

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