Population and problem statement

I. A description of the target population and problem statement
a. Define a clear rationale for the program based upon a thorough analysis of the problem and description of the target population to be served.
b. Include data and statistics on the target population that is relevant to the health problem. Some information that may be included are (not an all-inclusive list)
i. Race and/or ethnicity
ii. Age
iii. Income
iv. Location
v. Health status
II. Literature Review
a. Conduct a thorough review of the literature for the target population and health problem you have selected. Review and critique at least five (5) current (published within the past 10 years) peer-reviewed journal articles and/or book chapters on health promotion programs dealing with the same basic issue.
b. Identify and discuss at least one program conducted in a similar population and the results of that program. Consider including information on the aspects of the program that are helpful to the development of your health promotion program plan.
III. Measurement
a. Summarize the goal of the needs assessment questionnaire and what kind of information you hope to get in the body of your paper;
i. Include any information about where/how you developed the questions b. Include your needs assessment questionnaire as an appendix at the end of
your paper. Make sure to follow the best practices for questionnaires discussed in class.

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