College writing 1
April 3,2016

Thesis statement:
Polygamy should be allowed in the United States because not only is it a normal aspect of life for most cultures in the world, but it also would increase the financial resources of the household, and – despite common belief that it would cause conflict within the family – strengthen the structure of the home.
Topic sentences:
I. Polygamy is the practice of having more than one spouse at one time. It is common in most areas of the world. Statistics show that over 3 billion people around the world today practice polygamy, and it is still a legal culture in over 150 countries.
II. Financial resources of the household would increase in a polygamous marriage.
-In a regular husband/wife home, the total household income is limited to what the husband and the wife can make at their jobs. However, with multiple people in the home are working, the income would be higher and they would be able to have a better standard of living.
III. Many people would argue that polygamous relationships would create struggle within the household between the multiple spouses. However, the structure of the home would be more sound.
-Having more adults in one household would provide more people who children could depend on for everyday tasks such as shopping, parental care, and other household duties. They spouses could also depend on each other for support within their daily lives.
Polygamy should be allowed in the United State of America, because it is a way of life for many people in other cultures, and it is not a way of life that harms anyone.

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