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Political science

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Essay Assignment 2
Question- Identify and explain advantages and pitfalls of incumbency. Why do congressional incumbents have such a high rate of reelection? What major difficulties do incumbents face for reelection? For each advantage and pitfall, clearly explain what it is AND provide an example (or examples) and/or concrete supporting information/evidence mentioned by Patterson. Do you believe the high rate of reelections for Congressional incumbents is a good for democracy? Why or why not?
Before writing the essay, everyone MUST read two short pieces of writing on plagiarism titled “What is Plagiarism” and “Preventing Plagiarism: Student Resources.” Both pieces of writing are located inside Course Information on Blackboard. As stated on the syllabus, students who submit plagiarized assignments will receive an automatic zero on the assignment. I will not listen to excuses, such as, “I did not know this is plagiarism” or “I did the same thing for my other course, and the professor never accused me of plagiarism.”
Essay Submission Directions
Please carefully follow the following directions when submitting essays. Failure to follow these directions will result in 5 point deduction for each submission.
1.Answer the question in an essay format with introduction, body, and conclusion.
2.The text of the essay must be at least 1,000 words (range 1,000-1,500 words).
3.Be sure to include your name and title of the essay.
4.After you have completed composing the essay, proofread it carefully to check for any spelling and grammar errors. Make sure you’ve answered all parts of the essay question.
5.Cut and paste your essay inside “Write Submission” box. To access the box, click on “Essays” from the course menu, then click on Essay 1. Then, click on “Write Submission” and you’ll see a large box appear. Cut and paste your essay inside this box. Make sure that your essay has your name and title of the essay.
6.In addition, submit your essay as a file attachment. After you have cut and pasted your essay, attach your file by clicking on “Browse My Computer” and selecting the appropriate file. When submitting the essay as a file attachment, make sure that the essay was composed using Microsoft Word and has .doc or .docx extension.
Be sure that your file has .doc or .docx extension (meaning that it was created with Microsoft Word). Files that are created using other wordprocessing software may not be graded if the professor cannot open the file.

Use only Patterson’s We the People in answering the essay question. DO NOT use any outside material.

Essay 2 is due by 11:55pm, Sunday, April 17, 2016.


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