Policy Paper

Policy Paper

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Policy Paper
3000-3500 words
Due July 19
Letters to magazines, newspapers, or web sites that you read.
Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10
“The Politics of Fiction,” Elif Shafak.
“The Lost Art of Democratic Debate” Michael Sandel.
Double-spaced. Include at least 10 outside scholarly and 10 outside popular sources
Building on our previous multimedia assignment, our culture also offers news and opinion on a 24-hour basis. Presentations of stories persuade audiences or spread information and misinformation.
This assignment asks you to think critically and respond directly to an issue of current importance, communicating your analysis and reaction.
Consider the following kinds of questions as inspiration for your research essay:
What is your interest in the issue, and why?
What else have you read elsewhere in scholarly journals and popular news sources that confirms or contradicts your view of the issue?

Feel free to include the following proof:
Art, including songs, poems, stories, movies, paintings, graffiti
Documentaries or reality television
Political campaigns or speeches
Social media
Opinions of others or yourself, especially in recommendations or conclusion
Graphs, charts, tables of others or your own
Government or NGO reports or statistics
Survey (including SurveyMonkey)
Interviews with experts or lay
Personal experience

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