Policy Evaluation Findings and Recommendations Paper WK5 BPA 303

Policy Evaluation Findings and Recommendations Paper WK5 BPA 303
•Resources: Policy Implementation Paper from Week Two, Internet, University Library

•Evaluate the program you chose for the Policy Implementation Paper in Week Two (SEE ATTACHMENT) Summarize the information to date, and develop a recommendation for modifying the program based on program policy evaluation.

•Write an executive decision memorandum directly addressing the problems with the program.

•Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines
Instructions files attached:
Policy Implementation

Identify any program constraints, such as financial resources, human capital, and local culture.

Head Start refers to a program of the U.S., which offers comprehensive health, education, parental services and nutrition to low-earning families and their children (Horn, 2010). The program was launched in 1965, by Jule Sugarman. Even though, this program has been beneficial to a vast majority of Americans living in poverty, it has a lot of constraints. Some of these constraints are mainly financial, human capital along with the different cultures of people (Horn, 2010).
Any plan or strategy that seeks to help deprived individuals normally has financial constraints such as lack of adequate funds or corruption. The Head Start program is no exemption to this. This program tries to reach nearly every deprived American, especially children (Horn, 2010). Even though, the United States has a vast number of resources, it also has other matters to attend to. Hence, this limits the amount of funds that could be used in the programs. Also, there is limited financial aid to the Head Start program from other nations such as the UK, and this, as expected, limits the funds of the program (Horn, 2010).
The Head Start program also faces human capital issues. This mainly refers to persons who are responsible for implementing the program or doing the ground work. For instance, getting individuals who are ready to volunteer as teachers or part-time parents is a difficult task (Horn, 2010). Finally, it also has been a difficult task of implementing the program across various cultures across America. Some cultures do not welcome the program as the government expects. This makes it extremely hard for the program to assist those who it intended to help.

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