Policy & Cultural Differences Discussion Assignment

This is not saying it is a “better” or “worse” way of doing things than we do here in the US, but to see it can be DIFFERENT! This is about understanding
cultural and policy differences in other democratic countries.
You need to respond in your initial post to the following thoughts/questions and remember your initial post must be at least 300 words and you must
respond to more than 2 students to earn a grade higher than a C. Your responses must be at least 100 words in length.
Include the following in your initial response:
Provide 3 things that you learned from this assignment
What 2 questions do you still have
What area of policy or program in the article particularly caught your attention or interest? Such as health care coverage, maternity leave, college costs,
vacations, etc. Explain what you found interesting.
Everyone in the Netherlands and Denmark and Finland are guaranteed 4-5 weeks of vacation a year. How many weeks of paid vacation does your family
(maybe your parents) earn every year? Does your family always use all of the vacation time each year? If it is not used why do you think it is not?
Do you like/dislike the Dutch system of public policy as compared to the US? Explain
In terms of happiness and rankings, Denmark continually ranks near the top. In the article it also showed the US children tend to rank near the bottom in
terms of happiness. Why might the US not typically rank high in terms of happiness despite our wealth and power? Why might Denmark rank higher and how
do policy differences impact these levels?

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