planning a party reflection

planning a party reflection
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Planning a Party is the name of the game we, my classmates and I, played in the classroom. The game was tow rounds. In the first round, we were planning a party by sharing from all the group members. Meaning that we are seeing each other while talking. In my opinion, the first round had a virtual work. On the contract in the second round was like a Telework. The second round had the same action but we turned our faces on the wall. Meaning that we were talking without seeing each other. In this round, we continued planning the party but became more harder than the first round. Each of us needed to repeat her participation more the one to be heard. Also there was kind of distraction while in the first around when we see each other there were kind of connection between group members and the information reached easier and fast.

Imagine that you were I in this game. Then, write your reflection on this exercise. The emphasis on your reflection will be your analysis of how group dynamics concepts were embedded and demonstrated and what implications this might have for you in your work environment.

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