Plan to increase auto sales

Plan to increase auto sales

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Microeconomics Economic Plan

We have discussed during this course the challenges of our current economy. In a macro sense, I would ask that you put together a plan as to what you believe is necessary for economic prosperity. However, we are looking at economics in a micro sense. That being said: We have discussed the impact of gas and automobile industry. What I would like you to do in a two -five pages, double spaced paper is architect a plan to increase auto sales. What incentives are necessary for consumer to stop guarding their money and start spending. Are there front or back end products that need added or remove

support your theory with appropriate references and in summary, please state what impact will this have on our current economy. This assignment should be 2-5 double spaced pages. Please include a separate cover page and references at the end.

Use any number of sources/references as required.

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