Photography – How its used in film

Evidence on Film (500 words):

Visual and contextual analysis of chosen case study. Activates concepts developed in course readings and discussions. Assignment due via online submission March 11.

Please select and view one of the four films listed below.

Please write a brief essay of 450-550 words describing and evaluating the film with an emphasis on its treatment of photographs as evidence. Please make productive reference to concepts developed in course readings and discussions. Consider some of the following questions:

Who is the filmmaker and what is their big idea?
How are photographs utilized in the making of an argument? Is the argument persuasive? Are the photographs persuasive? Why or why not?
How did reviews of the film characterize its use of photographs as evidence? Please cite at least one published film review.
How would you characterize the filmmaker’s attitude toward photographs as evidence? Why?
How might the film’s ideas about photographic evidence correlate with those treated in our readings and in our discussions? Please cite at least one assigned course readings.
Is the film relevant to our present moment? Why?

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