The final exam questions are posted online at MyCourses at 6:45am on the final day of class (April 14).The final exam consists of 2 essay questions, and is open-book. You must write at least four pages (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, Microsoft Word document) in response to each essay question (i.e., the exam requires eight pages total).

QUESTION #1: Biomedical Technologies (Worth 20% of your final grade. Cf. pp. 265-290): Is there a “right to procreative autonomy”? (p.271) Using the imaginative thought experiments found in the movies Gattaca and Aeon Flux, argue whether or not the state should be allowed to control procreation and to what extent. As well as stating your own position on procreative autonomy and making an argument for your thesis from philosophical first principles, you must also describe how there are at least eight possible philosophical positions on human cloning: i.e., four positions that might endorse it (utilitarianism, non-utilitarian consequentialism, duty ethics, and virtue ethics) and four positions that might oppose it (utilitarianism, non-utilitarian consequentialism, duty ethics, and virtue ethics).

QUESTION #2: Global Poverty (Worth 20% of your final grade. Cf. pp. 571-582): Would Pogge’s “Global Resources Dividend” (GRD) solve the problem of radical inequality? What would Confucius say either in support of Pogge’s idea or against it? (Cf. Analects 15.24 and 4.15) You must show an understanding of the ten conditions discussed by Pogge (pp.572-574) and his six-step argument (p.578). If you think his GRD idea won’t work, then refer to the pertinent reason from the four bullet points found in step 2d of his argument; if you think his GRD idea will work, then refute some possible objections that you can imagine based on the four bullet points in step 2d of his argument.

Here is the professor requirement. Importantly, you just can read one book: ethic in practice-An anthology(I will give a e-book to u) and Analects(For the question two)
BTW: Actually, I have made a order about: :global poverty in two weeks ago. So,I will give the document to u that u should refer some of the ideas from this last work. But do not copy directly. Because I saw the second question that will be some of the same topic and perspective that are similar to the last essay.
The last thing is you just need to write one reference in reference page that is the e-book(ethic in practice).


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