Phase 3 (DB) Pt. 1 Instuctions:

Phase 3 (DB) Pt. 1 Instuctions:

When applying for jobs, a professional cover letter is the first opportunity you have to create a strong impression with an employer. This task will allow you to write a strong cover letter for 1 of the organizations that you researched during Phase 2.
To write a professional cover letter, it is important to understand the skills that are necessary for the position that you are pursuing. Be sure to complete the following:
1.    Search the Internet to select a position offered at one of the organizations that you researched for Phase 2 Individual Project.
2.    Identify and create a list of the required skills for the position.
3.    Copy, paste, and then save the job description for the position you selected so you can refer to it when you are writing your cover letter.
4.    Follow the instructions below to develop a cover letter tailored to the job description and your field of interest and your field of interest.
Cover Letter Instructions
1.    Utilize the Cover Letter Template linked below as a guide to developing your personal cover letter.
2.    Save the Cover Letter utilizing the following format: “LastNameFirstInitial_UNIV201_Cover_Letter.” (For Example:PrickettD_UNIV201_Cover_Letter)
Create Your Cover Letter
1.    Click on the Cover Letter Template Linked Here.
2.    Personalize and edit the cover letter to include your skills, qualifications, experience, and education. Tailor your cover letter to one of the organizations and job descriptions identified in Phase
3.    To tailor or letter, read the job description thoroughly and include items in your cover letter that are compatible with the job description.
4.    Once you have completed your draft, read through the cover letter line-by-line, and make edits where appropriate. Keep in mind that any typos, spelling, or grammatical errors within your cover letter could potentially lead to your application being rejected by prospective employers, so edit this letter with great care to ensure you are submitting an error-free, polished document.
Save Your Cover Letter
1.    Once you are finished editing your letter, save the Cover Letter to your home computer utilizing the following format: “LastNameFirstInitial UNIV201 Cover Letter.” (For example: PrickettD_UNIV201_Cover_Letter)
2.    Then, upload the Word document to the Discussion Board so it can be critiqued by your fellow classmates and your instructor.


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