Pharmaceutical generic drugs

You just started working as a Health Service Manager for a health care company within an industry below. First choose an industry below to discuss the questions that follow:

Pharmaceutical (generic drugs)
Pharmaceutical (patented drug)
Any physician specialty (e.g. cardiology, ophthalmology, etc.)
Hospital (national Network)
Small rural hospital
Your boss has asked you to write a report detailing the factors impacting the supply of your product or services and how the market structure of your impacts the quantity supplied and the pricing of your product or service.

Describe the product or service you supply to your patients.
Identify the market structure of your industry and the analyze the key characteristics of your industry that lead to your identification of this market structure.
Given this market structure, evaluate how prices charged for your services/products are determined.
Evaluate how does the existence of private and public insurance influence the revenues you receive for this service/product.
Given the government regulations impacting the health industry that have been discussed in this class, identify and discuss a government regulation that has been implemented in this industry.
Identify a market failure(s) discussed in class that the government regulation attempted to address.

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