Personnel & Outreach Plan

Personnel & Outreach Plan

Project description
What kind of people do you need to build the rover and carry out the mission? Imagine you have to hire 5 employees to form a team. For each position,list the job title,educational background required position description. An example of someone you might hire would be a Rocket Scientist. Research 3 of the companies listed and view the people who make up the company.
Choose 3 of the following companies:

Astrobotic Technology, Inc.
Masten Space System
Moon Express
Blue Origin
The Sierra Nevada Corporation
Orbital Sciences

A big part of running a successful mission is public support. How would your team communicate the value of the work you are hoping to accomplish?

What groups and organizations would you reach out to?
How would you use the internet to promote your mission?
What kinds of events would you host to engage the public in your mission?
What kinds of materials would you need to distribute?

Personnel Build the Rover/Carry-out Mission
Job title
Detailed job description
Educational requirements
Include 5 personnel members with all 3 descriptions.

Outreach Communication and Marketing beyond NASA
Which groups and organizations would best provide outreach for this mission?
How would the internet promote this mission?
What types of events would engage the public in this mission?
What kinds of materials would be distributed?
All 4 requirements are clearly explained in detail.

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